What is Shorinji Kempo?

Founded in Japan in 1947 by Doshin So, Shorinji Kempo is a way of nurturing people. It is a unique
combination of philosophy, mastery of techniques, and an educational system.
While developing themselves, students also support each other, learning teachings on how to live
happily together and techniques that strengthen them and allow them to grow with their fellow partners. These techniques and teachings are intertwined and are taught in combination through Shorinji Kempo’s educational system.

Shorinji Kempo consists of “Teaching,” which encourages you to help each other and live happily with others, while developing your body and mind, and “Techniques,” with which you begin to become aware of your personal development and help other kenshi develop.

Teaching and techniques are not isolated from each other but work as synergy, forming a single “Educational system”.

A person at birth has the ability to grow in any way. Shorinji Kempo teaches people who, being confident in this opportunity, continue to improve and act in such a way as to build a rich society, both material and spiritual, working in collaboration with others.

The three main principles of Shorinji Kempo:

  • Self-defense
  • physical health
  • spiritual growth