Development in Japan

By bringing about Doshin So’s repatriation, the defeat of Japan in the Second World War indirectly became the cause of the transmission of true kempo to Japan. Though he terms it Shorinji Kempo, Doshin So’s martial art is not degenerate forms of Chinese kempo but a fusion and rearrangement of all the kempo he observed during his travels China. It is kempo reexamined and systematized from a new angle. But it has also been amplified by the addition of a religious philosophy. Doshin So established Shorinji Kempo headquarters at Tadotsu, in Kagawa Prefecture, on the Island of Shikoku.

October 1947

Shorinji Kempo was founded at Doshin So’s home in Tadotsu-cho, Kagawa Prefecture as a method to nurture people on the basis of “philosophy,” “mastery of techniques” and an “educational system.” ◦

December 1951

Kongo Zen Sohonzan Shorinji was established in accordance with the religious corporation law. ◦


In order to nurture and train Shorinji Kempo instructors, Zenrin Gakuen (the precursor to the Nihon Shorinji Bugei Senmon Gakko) is established ◦


Zen Nihon Shorinji Kempo Remmei (All Japan Shorinji Kempo Federation)


Organization was incorporated as Shadan Hojin Nihon Sorinji Kempo Remmei

The Shorinji Kempo Federation of Japan, Inc. is established and recognized in Kagawa and gradually expands throughout Japan. 


The International Shorinji Kempo Federation is established. It is dissolved in 1974 to establish the World Shorinji Kempo Federation, which is now active in 40 countries


May 12, Doshin So passed away


The Shorinji Kempo Federation of Japan, Inc is dissolved in order to reform as the nationally recognized Shorinji Kempo Federation of Japan Foundation.


The limited medium corporation Shorinji Kempo Intellectual Property Conservation Corporation is established. It is renamed SHORINJI KEMPO UNITY in 2006, and becomes the SHORINJI KEMPO UNITY general corporation in 2008 in accordance with a change in the governing laws. It currently continues to work to protect Shorinji Kempo’s intellectual property, as well as assist in other activities to support Shorinji Kempo in the nurturing of people.

2011 Transitions to become a General Foundation, and begins club activities in schools and workplaces (etc.)