WSKO Online Seminar Official Class

18 декабря семинар будут на японском, русском и английском языках.
Изначально планировалось, что он будет только на японском и русском языках, но будет доступен и английский перевод.

Нажмите на ссылку ниже, чтобы записаться на официальную тренировку.

Перед занятием участники могут посмотреть видео с Tanen, Kihon, Hokei, Tai gamae, подготовленное на канале WSKO на YouTube.
Онлайн занятия будут проводиться на платформе Zoom, где выступит президент WSKO, техниках генерального секретаря Казухиро Кавасима проведет ответы на вопросы и под руководством инструктора WSKO Сёдзи Араи практика Hokei.
Зарегистрированные участники получат URL-адрес Zoom перед онлайн занятием.

(1) Онлайн-классы доступны на 6 языках.
(2) После завершения регистрации вы можете посещать любой курс Zoom сколько угодно раз.
(3) Участники Zoom класса могут посмотреть видео философской лекции сенсея Цунехиро Араи, специально подготовленную для этого семинара.
(4) Вы можете получить одну официальную запись о посещаемости учебной сессии WSKO. (Будет засчитано для вашего будущего экзамена на Дэн)
Примечание: вы можете посещать два или более занятий Zoom по своему желанию, но ваши посещения будут засчитываться как одно посещение на официальной учебной сессии WSKO.

На этом семинаре (официальный класс) участники подтвердят происхождение философии Сёриндзи Кэмпо и основы техники, а также получат ответы на свои вопросы, которые возникают во время своей обычной тренировки.

Право на участие
Только для активных участников WSKO. Любого ранга и возраста. Мы приветствуем ваше участие.
Примечание: содержание семинара будет соответствовать диапазону учебной программы для взрослых кю кенси и старше.

Пример расписания класса Zoom
9:00 Открытие, выступление президента WSKO Кума Со, Chinkon-gyo
9:15 Kihon, Tanen – инструктор Казухиро Кавасима.
9:50 Hokei – инструктор Сёдзи Араи
10:30 Философская лекция инструктора Казухиро Кавасима
10:40 Технические вопросы и ответы инструктора Казухиро Кавасима
11:50 Закрытие

= Project 2023= WSKO Online Seminar


  • April 10 (Sat.) Regular Class, 18:00- (Japan Time), WSKO Instructor Shoji Arai
  • April 24 (Sat.) Regular Class, 9:00- (Japan Time), WSKO Instructor Shoji Arai
  • May 22 (Sat.) Regular Class, 18:00- (Japan Time), WSKO Instructor Shoji Arai
  • May 29 (Sat.) Regular Class, 9:00- (Japan Time), WSKO Instructor Shoji Arai

Regular Class by WSKO Instructor Shoji Arai

– 2 classes/month, approx. 2 hours/class

– Contents: Kihon, 2 techniques of kyu curriculum, 2 techniques from Dan curriculum, Q&A on the subjects covered in the class

– Participation Fee: Free of charge

– Eligibility: active WSKO members of all rank

How to Sign Up

– Visit WSKO Official Website, choose the sign-up form in the schedule at:

– Please read the notification on the official website carefully.

Report: UK Federation Summer Online Seminar 2020

The UK Shorinji Kempo Federation organized a one-day free online seminar led by the Acton Branch on September 6, 2020. The event was attended by close to 200 kenshi from 17 countries worldwide. It was the first online Shorinji Kempo event attended by so many countries.

Mr. Jonny Daymond, Acton Branch Master, opened the event at 8:55am (UK time) followed by an opening address by Mr. Steve Williams, UK Federation President. Introduced by the host, Mr. Kouma So, WSKO President and the third generation Shike of Shorinji Kempo, spoke to the participants from Rensei Dojo at the headquarters in Tadotsu, Japan, expressing his appreciation to the organizers and instructors as well as all the participants from around the world.

Mr. Kazuhiro Kawashima, WSKO Secretary-General and Instructor, then led kihon practice of various tsuki and keri and solo forms. After a break, Mr. Jonny Daymond led Chinkon-gyo and warm-up, and Mr. Anders Pettersson gave a technical session followed by a philosophical lecture.

In the afternoon Mr. Steve Williams explained the principles and differences of randori and self-defense. During the last session, Mr. Pettersson showed various unusual basic techniques and answered questions from the participants.The event ended at 15:00pm (UK time) with voices and pouring text messages of gratitude to the organizers from the participants.

To All Branch Masters and Kenshi of the World Shorinji Kempo Organization

The restrictions by national governments around the world have been about the same so far, but now started to differ from country to country. Depending on the local circumstances with the COVID-19, some countries have lifted their lockdowns partially or allow people to go out conditionally, and economic activities are going back toward the normal state step by step. However, many countries still ban indoor activities. We will have to wait a little longer before we can fully return to our regular Shorinji Kempo practice. Also, the recent news reported mass infections occurred in China’s Wuhan and South Korea. These countries were thought that the virus was nearly eradicated.

On the whole, the COVID-19 cannot be eradicated easily; people’s careless acts may bring a possibility of a second outbreak, as wise people as you are well aware. You have been patiently staying at home for nearly two months with very limited freedom in your normal daily activities, in going to work, and in practicing Shorinji Kempo. To avoid wasting all these efforts, I believe what is required for us is calm assessment.

If you plan to resume your regular Shorinji Kempo practice, grading examinations, or various events, please check the guidelines below as the minimum conditions.

Each time I see the news reports on the tremendous work provided by health professionals and on the new medicines or vaccines being developed by medical institutes, I am assured that the current situation will not last forever. I believe you feel the same. Let’s all stay strong for a little longer to overcome the situation.

If you have any questions, please ask the WSKO Secretariat.


Kazuhiro Kawashima
World Shorinji Kempo Organization (WSKO)

[ Topics ]

  1. Guidelines for Resuming Shorinji Kempo Promotional Activities Under this pandemic, WSKO gives the top priority to the safety and health of all the members, their families, and people concerned, because I am sure that this will be the base for our prosperity movement toward establishing the ideal society.
    Therefore, please check the items below and give it a careful consideration before you decide to re-start your activities.
    If you see any other matters to be considered, please give them your careful attention.

(1) Official announcements of WHO
(2) Safety announcement is declared by your government (the ministry of health or equivalent), or rules such as stay-at-home order or banned indoor activities are lifted or eased.
(3) If you are in a Regular Group Member (a national federation), please discuss in the federation and reach an agreement.
(4) If you are in an Associate Group Member (a country without a national federation), please discuss with the senior members of your branch. If there are neighboring branches, please also discuss with them.
(5) Agreement is made with the facility you use for your branch activities.

  1. “Shorinji Kempo Group Channel” on YouTube Some videos of solo embu or lectures are posted on the above channel.
    They are not educational materials but this channel is provided as supplement to easy at-home self-practice for kenshi in Japan.
    Therefore, we do not plan to cover the techniques following the curriculums or to add subtitles in languages other than Japanese.
    I believe that indoor activities are limited in many countries like in Japan. Planning and giving on-line training classes as you do in regular classes are encouraged.

(For Item 3, please read the e-mail sent from the WSKO Secretariat to Branch Masters)