Motivation and Goals of Founding Shorinji Kempo

Amidst the postwar turmoil, Doshin So, Kaiso, or founder of Shorinji Kempo, discovered that events were greatly affected by the character and way of thinking of leaders. Accordingly, Kaiso reasoned that leadership should be based on confidence, courage, and vigor.

Determined to develop as many individuals as possible who could properly exercise leadership in creating a peaceful and rich society, Doshin So started giving the youth, who was at a loss as to their hopes and life goals in such turmoil, lectures on how to live richly. Simultaneously he taught them about techniques that would effectively
nurture their bodies and self-confidence.

Shorinji Kempo develops individuals useful to society who possess self-confidence, courage, and vigor through drawing out their pride and conviction, and instilling the awareness of a man’s inherent potential through lectures and training.