Development in the USSR and Ukraine

1979 Meteshkin Yuri Valentinovich – the first popularizer of the ideas of Shorinji Kempo in the USSR met Endo Tsuguaki Sensei.

1983 In August, Endo Tuguaki Sensei comes to Odessa for the first time and conducts a demonstration performance by Shorinji Kempo

1989 In February, the first open recruitment to the Shorinji Kempo group at the USSR-Japan Friendship Society is held

1991 In November, the official registration of the Odessa Branch of Shorinji Kempo

1992 1st visit of Shorinji Kenpo Instructor Delegation, Kanagawa Prefecture

1994 2nd visit of the Shorinji Kempo instructor delegation from Kanagawa Prefecture (Endo Tuguaki Sensei comes to Odessa for the last time)

1997 Endo Tsuguaki-sensei died untimely on May 5.
In September, representatives of the Odessa branch took part in the celebrations of the 50th anniversary of the founding of Shorinji Kempo

2001 1st visit of instructors from Hombu led by Arai Tsunehiro (Kawashima Kazuhiro, Miura Takashi, Fujii Shogo, Aleksander Migdalski)

2005 2nd visit of a delegation of instructors from Hombu

2008 The first Eastern European Seminar of Shorinji Kempo instructors is held in May

2011 On October 11, at a meeting of branch managers, the historic decision was unanimously adopted to unite all branches and clubs of Shorinji Kempo into the Federation

2012 12 January Head of the World Organization Shorinji Kempo Mr. Arai Tsunehiro approved the decision to create the Ukrainian Federation

2017 The delegation of the Ukrainian Federation takes part in the World Taikai. This was the first event in which the Ukrainian Federation of Shorinji Kempo was officially represented.

2018 In July, the Ukrainian Federation of Shorinji Kempo holds the first international Shorinji Kempo Unity Study Session